6 reasons to replace running with skipping rope

You may be surprised, but running can be successfully replaced by jumping rope. Running is a great cardio workout. This is one of the best ways to lose weight and build muscle. However, the best cardio exercises are those that increase in intensity gradually.That is, running in the gym is a great way to boost your metabolism and burn fat, but this is not meant to be a substitute for a jump rope. These are the only two forms of training that give a reasonable amount of muscle, but not lead to muscle atrophy.Moreover, the fact is that only 30 seconds of skipping rope training is enough to tighten the muscles, which is a very good ratio. 30 minutes of this to start your day. However, the fact is that if you do not increase the intensity gradually, after a few weeks, you will lose weight. Therefore, if you are after a regular cardio training, we suggest you take up sports shoes. These are great for training the body. If you are after a jump rope, you can definitely find the right one.Do not forget about the weather.If you are forced to postpone a training session due to bad weather, do not forget to bring your own clothing and shoes. The combination of cold and wet air can not be underestimated. The latter is especially true for long-term training.Remember that running in the gym is not recommended during pregnancy. a period of increased susceptibility of the placenta.Always be in good physical shape. This is very important. Be healthy!